Testing express

Testing express

Sunday, August 26, 2012

HTML5+CSS+JS - Bringing power to browsers

I am amazed at the way browsers use is changing. The buzz word most heard with web developers is HTML5, because it comes with a lot of promise for web developers.

The new elements in HTML5 have helped companies to build games, make the user experience more interactive with audio support. one of the most common terms with game developers is the <canvas> tag. There are quite few libraries that have been built to showcase the power of working with canvas and the results are astonishing. HTML5+Javascript+CSS are becoming one of the powerful technologies to rollout smart apps that attract the users.

But, there are challenges as well like

IE doesn't support the canvas tag
Developed apps must be compatible with browsers and devices
Javascript is not considered to be as robust as programming languages like Java....
Performance issues

Its also a challenge for testers to test the apps built using these platforms, Though some apps are small but still they need to work well on all platforms. Time pressure to rollout apps ASAP still worsens the problems.

I have tried my hands to do some experiment using html5 and see what it is all about, my experience is that it is fun to play with these technologies, It doesn't need a heavy setup as with programming languages, You just need a text editor, and a browsers. The browser have very good debugging tools that makes it more easy. I found a lot of problems both from a developer's perspective and a tester's perspective.

I built a bouncing balls POC using HTML5, CSS and Javascript. It was fun.

I promised myself to jump to next level and build a nice game next time  :)

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