Testing express

Testing express

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Escape special characters - RubySelenium

We use JIRA as a defect tracking system. For a project we were not able to log defects in JIRA due to lack of time and frequent builds. we instead used google doc to log defects and track them. As the project moved on defects kept piling up. One fine day new manager took charge of this project and suggested to move all defects from googledoc to JIRA. 

The first thought that came to my mind was to use automation tool to log defects. without giving a second thought and not bothering about any other solutions, I started working on it, because It had been a long time since I used automation tool, This was the only reason for not thinking about any other alternatives.

I decided to use selenium with ruby for this task. First I recorded the script with Selenium IDE and then exported it as a Ruby test. when I ran the test I found something strange. I was getting an error "Incorrect password", whereas I was able to login manually into JIRA login page. I was hitting my head to figure out this strange behavior.

I tried to enter a passoword that didn't have special charcters, and the tool was doing it perfectly but when I gave it my original password with special characters, It was not even typing it.At one instance I thought of changing my password to something that doesn't have any special characters, But it was not possible.So I choose to put my query in selenium groups. I got a reply the next day. I want to share that with you.

In RUBY you need to escape the special characters, since my test was in ruby it was not working, when I escaped them with '\' it worked like a breeze :)

Any problem is not a small problem until it is solved 

I hope this post helps if you bump into a similar problem

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