Testing express

Testing express

Monday, July 2, 2012

Version control - Part1

As a tester,

How may times have you encountered this

1)You recieved a wrong build?
2)A closed defect is reproducible?
3)Fixes are missing from build?
4)QA environment has different version from dev environment?

Software versioning and revision control is one of the most important activity of  a software project. There are many freeware and commercial version control tools available in market, The main aim is to help developers manage code.

Why should a tester know about version control? what is the use? A tester gets a deployed build to test from a deployment team or a development team. why does he need to worry?

Because, This is one of the potential areas of bugs being created.

For Example, Imagine a software project team divided into different groups: server team, client team, graphics team, database team etc. Eventhough they all work on different groups of a project, they all use a common source control tool to manage and maintain their code. This is infact a place where many things can go wrong. That is why project managers or leads define a common structure and best practices for all the groups to follow so that they do not make mistakes.

In theory this looks easy but in practical, it is very hard to avoid mistakes. Sofware development is considered a complex activity, As the project scope increase, so does the team size and with the changing dynamics, it is very important to keep every thing in sync.

Today I got an opportunity to attend a session on SVN. It was very interesting. I heard a lot of terms used in the session which I will list out here


In another post we will discuss more about  each of these terms.

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