Testing express

Testing express

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Do you need skills for testing ?

Testing is an activity that requires diversity. Diversity in thinking, in doing and analyzing, These skills are not taught in schools or colleges. It becomes very hard for a tester who has never focused on these skills to become productive in his job.

In most companies, lack of focus on people skills causes many problems. Eventhough management knows they just Ignore and focus only on the delivery dates and getting business. This has a major effect on the type of products you deliver or the service you provide.

Still in few companies a tester is considered one who doesn't need any skills as compared to his developer colleagues. This mindset makes people make wrong choices.

I feel testing requires a diverse range of skills, it Includes communication, interpersonal, technical and many more...I would like to dedicate a post on the type of testers and their mindset

Testing is a skill that has still not got recognition as it should be...The more you practice the better you get at it

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