Testing express

Testing express

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

1..2...3..Start...Here you Go...The Testing Express

Hello reader,

Welcome to my blog,

I am a Tester by profession and the motivation for starting this blog is passion for the profession I am in from past few years.

Today I reach a milestone in my career, After deep thought when I reflected back on my journey in various roles as a Tester and QA professional. I feel that the role of the Quality department has changed considerably in the past few years. with emerging technologies, latest trends and various other factors that drive business, Focus on quality has increased. This has not only created opportunities and challenges to QA professionals but also demanding specialized skills to face these challenges.

This is no one rule or process that can be called Ideal today when it comes to delivering Quality. Right from small to big companies the major source of information is experience and data from previous projects that drive the Improvement in processes. Every company has a QA department or team and uses it based on their process and products. The major problem which I have seen from my experience is less focus of skills improvement for the people who are part of the QA department.

I will also try to understand my style of writing and with your help and feedback, hope to get it soon.

There are many topics jumping in my mind eager to come out, I ll try to put them down in my next post

All in all I m very excited and enthusiastic in posting my first blog

I hope you are with me in this wonderful journey

Note: Please excuse me for all my mistakes, because I am here to learn and I welcome your comments with an open mind

Happy Testing

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