Testing express

Testing express

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"My name is BUG - I am here by chance, not by choice"

I am a bug, I live in software jungles, I get life from humans beings. I occur in many forms, people call me with different names...defect, fault, bug, problem, issue...etc. I am captured in screenshots and videos...some times I am reproducible and some times not...when I am reproducible developers torcher me by reproducing many times and then heal me with their fix. A few careless developers partially fix me causing me more pain and anguish, due to this I hang, freeze, go into a never ending loop, crash, blank...
I am sometimes a mystery and sometimes history.

I get more annoyed when I see others also suffer along with me. I don't intend to harm anyone, my creator is responsible for all the pain and suffering. I live in bug repositories with a house number called bug id. my age is counted from the day I enter into the bug repository. some times testers are so careless that they don't allow to get me a house number. I have to survive in the sofware jungle till then. Along with Id I am assigned a severity based on the harm I cause in the software jungle/system. But poor fellows don't know its not me but my creator, I am only the doer. I always pray my creator not to give me a life. otherwise I need to pass through the karma/defect life cycle. I am relieved once I get fixed but there is no guarantee that I have rebirth. it is karma of developer whether I get rebirth or not :)

Testers are my angels who always strive to relieve us from this defect life. once I am fixed and tested I am HISTORY. I am listed in the annals of defect repository based on the havoc I did in the system.

My biggest embarassment is when I get caught or seen in real world resulting in loss of life or money or reputation. I get entry into bug repository with a special tag called production defect with "High Priority-High Severity". But I console myself that with pain comes pleasure. If embarassement is pain, then my chances of getting fixed is sure to get releived from this defect life. some times due to my bad karma humans assume my importance of causing harm is reduced, and I am pushed into the list of bad karma bugs or what they call low priority bugs, that keep lying there for years.

I thank my tester friends who locate & find us in the deep, complex jungles of huge software systems. They bring us to the forefront from the deep, dark, isolated lonely life and give hope of getting fixed. They argue and recommend with different stakeholders to relieve us as soon as possible. sometimes poor guys need to pick only few of us not by age but by damage we cause.

Oh God If I have a next birth as human, please make me a tester :)

Happy testing,

Note: This post is written only for fun, no bad intentions for testers or developers    

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