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Testing express

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Da Bug - Happy New Year 2011

This is my first post this year. IT seems to be back in business after few ups and downs last year. I am very excited to see new gadgets and software that are definitely going to change the way we do things. Desktops and laptops may soon become second nature and same is with mobile phones. Internet has become a part of our lives. I bet most of the crowd in the world is some way or other using internet.

what ever the technology or trends come, one thing which will always accompany them is a bug/defect/fault/failure. Yes, its makes me wonder and also excited when ever I hear these terms which are part of my profession.

The uncertainity in the software bring in mystery, curiosity and detective instincts. This is motivation for me to see my work as a challenge.

There are tons and tons of software in market today that pass through the defect life cycle in form of maintenance and new ones being injected & created (unknowingly) by developers of all types, by type I mean diff projects or technologies or experience levels etc...we can find them all there lying in the bug repositories, some available on web from the open source community and some lying in the closed doors of commerical companies.

As we know that defects are a good source of information for testers while testing. BUT I have never got lucky to see a good source on internet for a good classification of defects that is useful, may be I always searched the wrong areas, but if we can have a common bug repository for defects related to popular technology or software, then that would give a lot of diverse information when testing any kind of software.

One good source that comes to my mind is the crowdsourcing kind of companies/sites that may have this kind of repository and definitely they use it to improve their testing efforts.

1 problem is called BUG
2 or more are called BUGS
A problem that cause loss of money or life is called "The BUG"
Finding and reducing no of problems is called De BUG
what does a developer call a rookie tester who annoys him with silly bugs...A silly little B U G _ _ _ ? you know it :)

Keep bugging

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