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Testing express

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I can sing BUT I don't know how I do it..(contd)

As promised This is a continuation of previous post.

I was interested in this story because I can relate this story with my thinking on testing. The main moral of the story was eventhough a person has talent, but if he doesnt know and utilize skills to the best of his abilities then he misses an opportunity to do his best.

Same thing happens in testing teams, I have seen and worked with people who do testing and find defects BUT dont know how they did it. May be this is because there is no proper thinking process or tester never tried to find out why this happens, He is happy until he is finding defects, sending report and executing tests. BUT there is more to testing than this.

This type of thinking makes a tester more predictable and at some point his testing techniques(which he doesnt know) get outdated. As a tester it is very important to realize what is going on during testing and note down all the interesting things that happen. This kind of approach helps in identifying style of thinking and testing, This information can serve as a feedback for self-growth and other testing tasks.

In many companies it is a bad practice to appraise people based on bug counts, which is not at all a measure of a good tester. Eventhough this is competitive, testers tend to miss other aspects of testing in this mad rush of finding defects, because they see benefit in only finding defects and logging them to get attention from managers/leads.

If you know the past, think in present, it will not be that hard to build or predict future...

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