Testing express

Testing express

Friday, May 5, 2017

Automation Perspectives & Misunderstandings

This observation is from the Indian IT companies point of view(I don't say all, but what I have worked with and those that I heard from my colleagues & friends):

There are 2 types of testers, Manual testers and Automation testers

Automation tester can switch to manual testing role anytime but vice versa is not that easy!

Automation is not same as development

All automation tools are same, If you know Selenium then by default you will definitely also know 
the UFT's, the Cucumber's, the Carrot's  :P ? why? because client needs it.  

Automation is nothing but few automated data entries, clicks, verification..etc

If you know automation, you are bound to be in any interview panel that has the word "Automation" in the job requirements document.

Automation tests are like the high precision tests that should never fail, I don't care if it's a licensed tool or a free tool.

What? you have completed the automation runs? I don't believe you ! where are the numbers? After giving numbers. how many defects you found using your automation scripts? none/one? what is the value you are providing?

We are facing issues with existing framework and tool, which other tool should be consider? let's start evaluation.

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