Testing express

Testing express

Sunday, January 6, 2013

First post this year - Automation Buzz

Don't get desperate to build castle in one day.

The context is, testers doing manual testing suddenly realize that they need to learn automation, because one of his friends told that automation is mandatory in resume these days.

So, my dear friend, goes to a automation tools forum and asks a question.

"I am new to automation, please guide me how I can learn it quickly, send me code, sample examples, tutorials...blah...blah..blah".

On one hand it's good that my friend is quick to act, as the saying does "Better late than never". But still, he needs to calm down and think, think and think.

He has got a good start and now he needs to plan how he will achieve this goal, what are the methods to achieve this goal.

-Ask yourself why you need to learn automation tool
-Research on what automation tools are available.
-What technologies they support
-Does it support the application you test in your company
-Do you need any programming knowledge
-Ask friends who have experience in automation
-Install tool, follow tutorials, get hands dirty, read, do and reflect

I can keep writing more...

Automation is good if applied sanely, but it cannot be a quick fix for each and every testing problem.

I just realized, this is my first post of this year.

Happy New Year :)

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