Testing express

Testing express

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Good bug report

This post was born as a result of message from a colleague tester who is new to this field of testing.

[12:51:41 PM] xyz: i was playing and there was hang problem
[12:51:58 PM] xyz: and all of a sudden i got that msg and i was out

My first reaction was not good, but later I realized even I have done these things when I was a novice. So, I planned to help tester in a simple way

What is a good bug report? what is its main purpose?
A good bug report consists of all relevant information for a developer about the bug
Main pupose is to help developer reproduce and fix it

What is all relevant information?
Short summary of the defect that clearly describes the defect
Environment details
Is it reproducible? if yes steps to reproduce
Actual result vs expected result
Any screenshots or videos of the defect attached?
Any specific build no
Which area this bug belongs to in the software/application you are testing?
Test data used
What is the severity, means how much damage it does?

Who is the audience of bug reports?
Mostly developers, but there can be testers & managers who might be interested

If you feel I have missed any point or you can add to it from your experience feel free to do that

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